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The Girl Before_A Review

This four part series about a minimalist architect who design a tech savvy, rather ugly tomb like house, rents it out at a low price to a person who meets the conditions he

Tides_Book Review

Those who follow my monthly to be read list would notice that this book didn't feature in any. That's because I was alerted to it by someone whose reading taste I greatly admire

My Top Ten Reads of 2021

I finally managed to order my thoughts together about the books I enjoyed most last year. It was suprisingly easy to choose the ten. I think what helped is my deciding to no

NOT ENOUGH: Assembly_Book Review

Let me first cast my controversial colours on the mast: This novella starts brilliantly with acute powers of observation and psychological insight. But the story fizzles towards the end. I think the writer

The Literature of Unfulfilled Hopes

The Manbooker Prize has long been coming for Damon Galgut since 2003 when his book, The Good Doctor, was shortlisted. In 2010 I certainly thought his shortlisted book, In A Strange Room, should