July 19, 2021

The Wanderers

Phakamile Maseti, growing in the small Eastern Cape town of Queenstown decides to join the anti-apartheid struggle in the late seventies and went into exile in the early eighties, leaving behind a woman he loved and bethroned to pregnant with their child, Fikiswa Biko, aka Ruru. He never returns. Years later, Ruru goes to Tanzania in search of the remnants of his life. She finds it in his Rwandan born widow and his ‘Pillow Books’ - journals he kept while coming to terms with his mortality.

Struck by the parallels with her teenage letters to her late mother, she reads to find answers to her questions: Who was he? Why did he not return? Through she also ends up finding a sense of belonging in the world.

Informed by Africa’s recent history and examining its effects on ordinary family lives, this novel depicts the resilience of the people of the continent.

Carolyn Meads of Kwela Books who was also the editor of The Wanderers manuscript says: "A story of the parting of ways and the merging of spirits, bound by blood and undeclared immutable love, The Wanderers is an atmospheric novel that lingers unforgettably in the mind."

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