Mphuthumi Ntabeni

Mphuthumi Ntabeni

Mphuthumi Ntabeni is trained in built environment, reads literature, history and philosophy. He lives in Cape Town. He has written two historical novels, The Broken River Tent & The Wanderers.

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Admiring Silence_ A Book Review

This book respects the complexities of first hand experience of an immigrant without overlooking, or failing to condemn with witty irony, the micro aggressions and extant racism from some of the denizens of

The Wanderers on Media

Buchtipps - African Publishers | InterkontinentalLogo InterkontinentalFull particulars: Confessional fiction for a desolate age - LitNetIn this episode of his monthly podcast David Attwell talks to Mphuthumi Ntabeni about his tour de force, The

The Ochre People_A Book Review

I think I was young and too radically minded when I read Noni Jabavu's Drawn In Colour. Its language put me off. The Ochre People is written in similar language although here she

The Girl Before_A Review

This four part series about a minimalist architect who design a tech savvy, rather ugly tomb like house, rents it out at a low price to a person who meets the conditions he

Tides_Book Review

Those who follow my monthly to be read list would notice that this book didn't feature in any. That's because I was alerted to it by someone whose reading taste I greatly admire