February 12, 2020

National Poet Laureate

I felt so humbled to meet the current South African national poet laureate, Dr. Mongane Wally Sorete. Of course I ended up a doting fan on his feet, suckling from his wisdom.  

I told him how I still a grudge against John Voster apartheid police for confiscating my first copy of To Every Birth Its Blood, and Naughty For Your Comfort by Fr Huddleston, before detaining the four of us from Glynn Thomas--student house for black students in Baragwanath for Wits then--for two weeks, luckily they didn't torture us. A week after that they killed our lecturer David Webester, and sent Beki an explosive bomb parcel also that killed…WE SHAL NEVER FORGET!✊🏾

We stand on the shoulders of our living giants✊✊✊