August 5, 2021

Modern Love

Can't wait for the 13th August to start SO2. Been rewatching SO1 for control. I was lucky enough to be introduced to them when they first started as a podcast. I still maintain it is a best way to enjoy them, using your imagination and all. Then I read the book. That took things to another level because now I got the chance to mull over the perfect sentence and observe the seamless narratives and all. I'd read romance novels often if they were written in this exquisite writing style. By the time I watched the TV I was some sort of a veteran of the stories and wonderfully surprised to notice that the producers saw things in the same manner as myself in their minds. Most of the episodes are almost as I had imagined on my head.

It doesn't matter which episodes you begin with they're non sequential stand alones; but E2 is my all time favourite--I must have rewatched it more than ten times. I would say its theme is the resilience of hope. I love how it is simultaneously depicted by emphasising the value of commitment in one side, and knowing when to cut your losses when it is clear that things have ran their course in the other. E6 is also one of my favourites, which depicts the errors of confusing filial love with romantic one. E3 sensitively deals with mental issues; a friend of mine really loved this episode (the musical parts on it tested my patience) but it was a good laugh. The series is a trove of emotional exploration and serendipitous ways we find love in our rather confused modern times.

If you've not listened, read or watched this I envy you for the wonder that awaits you🙌🏾