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Echoes of Eternity

Whenever I arrive on a new place I look forward to discovering it with my feet. This is why I was rather disappointed when it rained the whole week of our arrival for

My African Top Reads of 2020

By African Reads I mean books written by people who were born or live in Africa. 10. Tata Sikuxolele by Thembisile Kundlwana won the Sanlam Literary Prize 2019 for Youth Literature. The is


I wrote a short book review of this interesting book for the Bulletin of National Library of South Africa. The reactions to it amuse me if nothing else. I find it limiting how

My Top Ten Series of 2020

10) Homecoming is a US wannabe British Black Mirror that fails, about US soldiers who comes back from from war only to be made guinea pigs by a pharmaceutical companies with jaw clenching